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It’s Official!

I thank you for your prayers and support and constant encouragement in the Lord.  After preaching at Kailua Baptist Church starting on July 19, 2009, and after coming on board as part-time intern pastor starting September 1, 2009, Kailua Baptist Church voted on me for the permanent full time senior-pastor position.  And it was, by God’s grace, 100% affirmative.  Praise God for his grace towards me and the wonderful church family he has given me to serve with!  Nat and I look forward to whatever God has in store for us.

I am so thankful for all the great men and women God has used over the years to save me and help me grow in the faith.  Please pray for us as we look to minister to people in Kailua and hopefully all of Hawaii, and as I hope to be a humble under-shepherd over God’s precious flock.


John 1:14-18

3 results of the Incarnation, the Word becoming flesh:

  1. We have seen God’s glory (14-15)- the glory in Jesus’ life, death and resurrection can only be described as the glory of the One and Only, sent from the Father.  Both John and the Baptist recognized this.
  2. We have received grace upon grace (16-17)- the Law was grace, and the appearance of Jesus was grace on top of that; this verse loses its power if you think John is driving a wedge between Moses and Jesus.
  3. We know exactly what God is like (18)- God was un-seeable; but Jesus represents Him perfectly.  If you know Jesus, you know the one true God.

The spiritual Word became a fleshly Word so that fleshly people could become spiritual people!  Merry Christmas.

John 1:6-13

Jesus is the radiant light of the entire world.  Three things to help us see this:

1. John the Baptist gave off light (6-8)- John only came to testify, and people thought he was the Light!  How much brighter is the Light!

2. The Light got brighter than it already was (9)- The light was in the world, but the Light was coming into the world in a new way, to be even brighter!

3. But the Light had been bright enough (10-13)- The Light was rejected as a whole, but was still bright enough to save some, whether it was Abraham or Rahab or Josiah.

But the beauty of verse 9 is that even though the Light was bright enough to save, the true light that gives light to every man still came into the world to be even brighter!

John 1:1-5

Why did John use “the Word”?

  1. He noticed that God’s Word in the OT was like a divine person (1-3)- the Word of God created things, accomplished things, and came to people; the Word of God was good, wise and all-powerful; the Word of God must have been God!
  2. God’s Word in the OT gave life (3-4)- the Word of God gave everything existence; the Word of God went out and gave sinners like Noah and Abraham and David the ability to obey
  3. God’s Word in the OT gave light (4-5)- the Word of God made light shine in Gen 1; the Word of God gave revelation to all about who God was

So the Word in the OT was a divine Person who gave life and light.  Jesus of Nazareth seemed to be a divine Person who gave life and light.  No wonder John had the audacity to say “the Word became flesh” (John 1.14)!