If it ain’t broke, fix it!

Two conversations I have had over the last three days made me realize how much I love being a pastor.  For those who are unclear, I am still technically “part-time intern pastor” at Kailua Baptist Church.  But I really do function as the senior pastor for all intents and purposes.  Here are the two things that stick out from those two conversations:

  1. Many people have heard about the many difficulties that my church has gone through over the last several years, mostly secondhand information.  The sentiment I get from many pastors is something to the effect of: “Boy, you got your work cut out for you.”  Friends, if you do not have your work cut out for you at your church, you better start preaching the Bible!  Getting Christians to think more biblically is always hard work.  Loving pastorally means you will risk friendships to make people more like Christ.
  2. When asked how I like pastoring I said “any stresses that come with the job are more than worth it.”  I enjoy preaching, teaching, counseling and loving sheep so much.  Even if they do not listen, I am satisfied knowing that I am pleasing God in it, and giving them the only chance they have for lasting change by giving them Bible.

If you do not face some friction by your preaching, you are doing something wrong.  If your church does not appear dysfunctional in some way, dig deeper in the Scriptures.  If it doesn’t seem broke, fix what you’re doing!


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