Only two types of wills

Let’s be very clear about this:  the Bible only describes God’s will in two ways. 

1) God’s unchangeable will (I call it his redemptive plan) is that Jesus Christ be glorified in all the earth.  This will happen no matter what.  And since Jesus is the perfect image of the invisible God, the glory of Jesus equals the glory of God. 

2) God’s revealed will (I call it his revealed desire) is that all people be holy.  I call it revealed desire because a lot of times Christians believe God’s will to be mysterious.  They are paralyzed as far as what to do and when to do it because they are afraid to “miss” God’s will for their lives.  But God has revealed all he ever needs to reveal for us to know how to please Him.  I repeat:  God has revealed all he ever needs to reveal for us to know how to please Him.

Here are some places I see these two wills happening:

Redemptive plan- Ephesians 1.4-11, Acts 2.22-23, 4.24-28, James 4.15, 1 Peter 3.17, 1 John 5.14-15

Revealed desire- 1 Peter 1.15-16, Matthew 6.10, Romans 12.2, Ephesians 5.17, 1 Thessalonians 4.3, 5.18

Christians must not live and slave and wrestle with any other category of “will of God” or they are simply living unbiblically, at best majoring on the minors.


One response to “Only two types of wills

  1. Todd,

    Hope you and natalie are doing well. I think it’s helpful to call God’s will of decree his Redemptive plan since the former, while techinally correct, is not really centered on the gospel. Anyhow, I miss you brother and sincerely hope we can see each other again this side of heaven.

    Andy Barlow

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