God’s will from Ephesians 1:4-11

A better preaching block is verses 3-14, but I am just trying to pick out what Paul is saying about God’s will; and what I hear him saying is that God’s will is for Jesus Christ to be glorified in all the earth:

  1. The point of creation is redemption in Jesus- God chose believers in Christ before the foundation of the world (4) and predestined them for adoption in Christ according to the purpose of his will (5) so that they now have redemption through the blood of Christ (7).  The thing God had in mind at  the moment of creation was redemption.
  2. The point of redemption is to unite all things in Jesus- God’s will is no longer a mystery (9) and his will is and always has been to unite all things in the universe in Jesus (10); taken with Eph 1.20-23, this seems to point to the absolute Lordship of Jesus Christ.
  3. God works all things according to that plan- “his will” in verse 11 is the same “his will” as verses 5 and 9; and “all things” in verse 11 is the same “all things” as verse 10.  So God’s will has always been to glorify Christ, and he works everything in the universe to fit and support that will.

I would argue this is the main way the Bible talks about God’s will.  It is what I would call God’s redemptive will, or his redemptive plan.  It is unchangeable; you cannot stop it from happening.  I pray this is the will you are seeking whenever you are making decisions, or seeking direction, or searching for “God’s will” for your life.


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