Genesis 10:1-11:9

Let us never repeat Babel:

  1. Let us never make a name for ourselves (11.1-4)- The people who gathered in Shinar did not want to spread out, thus disobeying God’s design for the image of God to spread, and clearly wanted to make a name for themselves.  Noah built an altar to the Lord (8.20), but these people built a city and tower for themselves.  After Enosh was born, people began to call upon the name of the LORD (4.26), but here people wanted to call upon their own name!
  2. Let us never think we can do anything we please (11.6-9)- God did not think human unity and technological advancement was necessarily a good thing.  And if mankind as a whole is determined to disobey God, then unity and technological advancement is a scary thing.  So God judged the world for it.  Even though he did not flood the earth like before, the confusion of language is still worldwide judgment.  But praise God it keeps the world from uniting in wickedness!

And praise God for the undoing of Babel at Pentecost (Acts 2).  Regardless of your view of miraculous gifts, the gifts of tongues and later interpretation are a big part of redemptive history.


One response to “Genesis 10:1-11:9

  1. Great insight, as always, Todd. And I appreciate the connection to Acts 2 – “the undoing of Babel.” Always making me think about the gifts of the Spirit!

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