Genesis 6:9-8:22

The flood reveals at least four things about God:

  1. He is completely just- not only in the sense that he had a right to flood the earth, but also in the sense that he was morally obligated to do something, “for all flesh had corrupted their way on the earth” (6.12).
  2. He is completely sovereign- “I will bring a flood of waters…to destroy all flesh” (6.17). Simple logic: if he had complete control over the greatest natural disaster in history, he has control over everything today.
  3. He works through covenants- “I will establish my covenant with you” (6.18), and “God remembered Noah…and God made a wind blow…and the waters subsided” (8.1).
  4. He works through obedience- Noah built the ark as commanded (6.22), waited for God’s word to go into the ark (7.1), and even waited for God’s word to come off the ark (8.15).

Unfortunately, the flood did not cure mankind, “for the intention of man’s heart is evil from his youth” (8.21).  But praise God that His justice and sovereignty came together in the New Covenant through the obedience of one man on the cross!

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