Genesis 5:1-6:8

Two things every biblical genealogy is trying to tell us:

1. God advances his kingdom through families- all the great men and women of the Bible start out as babies and parts of families.  These names are the names of members of families.

2. Jesus is the promised Seed- God promised a seed of the woman would crush the head of the serpent (Gen 3.15); Adam, Seth, Enosh, and all the other men listed had “other sons and daughters,” but the Bible is just trying to keep track of one certain seed; and the genealogies in the Bible stop with Jesus.  He is the fulfillment even of the genealogies.

One thing often missed in this genealogy: Gen 6.1-8 is a commentary on Gen 5.  Gen 5 is about Adam, the first Man, and the spread of his descendants.  Gen 6.1-8 is also about the spread of the descendants of Adam.  And as man spread, so does wickedness.  And Gen 6.9ff is about God’s response.


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