Intern, not interim

By God’s grace, Kailua Baptist Church has voted me in as intern pastor.  It is a unique position sort of created for this uniqe situation.  It is not “interim,” where someone usually serves as pastor while a church looks for a permanent pastor.  They still want to consider me for the permanent position so they did not want that “interim” title.  As intern pastor, I can take on more pastoral duties while I meet monthly with a supervising pastor from another church.  My supervisor is a godly man named Ken Brooks, who is the Oahu Baptist Network facilitator (equivalent to a Director of Missions for most Baptist associations).  It’s a chance for Kailua to get a closer look at me, me at them, and me to gain experience and get feedback and help from a supervisor.  Also, the pastor search committee works independently from all this and can interview me at any point– even call me as pastor if they felt it was fit before the internship is over.  All in all, Nat and I are both very happy and very excited for what God has in store for us with this body.

On a bittersweet note, we officially became members of Kailua Baptist yesterday, meaning our membership at Immanuel Baptist Church in Louisville, KY is terminated.  God used our two years there for exponential growth in both our lives, and we hope to carry out the spirit of Immanuel’s church covenant here in Hawaii.

One response to “Intern, not interim

  1. I heard about this at a recent IBC prayer meeting! I’m very happy for you bro. My continued prayers to the Lord for guiding you and Nat in the right direction for His glory.

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