Genesis 3

Sin– disobedience to God– brought at least three things into this world that were never meant to be a part of this world:

1. Shame (2.25-3.13)- sin is foolishness, and that brings shame; sin affects even our physical bodies, so there is now shame in nakedness.

2. Pain (3.14-19)- the devil is out to hurt us; children and marriage can hurt us; working and eating can hurt us.

3. Death (3.19-24)- God now guards the way to eternal life, because He did not want man to live under a curse forever.  And shame, pain and death are all judgments against sin.

One cool thing of note: Christianity is not like other religions.  Notice that in verses 14-15 God puts enmity between mankind and the serpent.  Other religions often have an element of good vs. evil, forces of light vs. forces of darkness, ying and yeng (spelling?).  But here it says God is in complete control of the battle.  The devil is at the mercy of God!  The battle is between the children of God and the children of the devil.

And praise God for the seed who crushed the head of the serpent!  This seed eventually took our shame, pain, and death for us on the cross.  Amen.


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