Genesis 2:4-25

Gen 2.4-17:  God places a man in a beautiful garden to work it and keep it, and then gives him a command that is for his good.

Gen 2.18: With all that God gave him to do, man’s problem is being alone.

Gen 2.19-25: God solves the problem by giving him a perfect companion.

Marriage is God’s solution to mankind’s biggest problem.  You could really boil sin down to mankind trying to be alone.  Adam and Eve sinned because they did not help each other obey God.  Eve acted alone.  God gives His people commands, and when they disobey they are acting independent of their Maker.  They are acting alone.  Even when two people commit sexual immorality, it is two people acting selfishly.  They are acting alone.  Sin is mankind trying to be alone.  God’s solution to man’s alone-ness is marriage.  God’s solution to mankind’s sin is marriage– between Christ and his bride.


2 responses to “Genesis 2:4-25

  1. I was chewing on this thought the other day and thought about how it applies to the church as well. Would you agree that the joining of a local body of believers is much like (or should be like) a marriage? We join ourselves to a local church and commit to stay with it “for better or worse” and fight for its purity. Surely there are times and circumstances that cause us to change churches, but it should never be an easy move. Being a part of a church also helps keep us from that “being alone” problem. Thanks for the thoughts, brother.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. I like how you say it should never be an easy move. And God did not call the local church a “body” for nothing. Leaving a church should feel like ripping one of your limbs off.

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