Genesis 1.1-2.3

Three reflections on the seven days of creation:

  1. God works for the good of his people (Gen 1.1-1.25)- John Sailhamer points out how Day 2 is the only day with no mention of “good.”  And it’s because there was no real benefit for mankind with the mere separation of water from water.  This highlights that God was really creating a good “land.”
  2. God wants his people to reflect Him (Gen 1.26-31)Mankind is to bear God’s image.  And God’s blessing is to “be fruitful and multiply.”  And God called it “very good.”  A land full of people who reflect the Creator is very good!
  3. Rest is a reminder about creation- (a) The Sabbath command is grounded on the fact that God rested on this seventh day. (b) There was no evening and morning like the other six days.  We are still in the seventh day until God creates the new heavens and new earth.  Rest reminds us about the new creation! (c) Jesus rose on the day after the Sabbath, on the first day of a new week.  The resurrection brought in a spiritual new creation!  Rest reminds us about creation and Christ!

In all this, do not miss the fact that “God said”, and things happened.  God always creates by His Word!  Pray for God to similarly create new hearts in unbelievers by the Word of His gospel.


3 responses to “Genesis 1.1-2.3

  1. What does separating water from water mean? What is the water under the expanse and above the expanse? and why does that not benefit us?

  2. Great questions! The separation of “water from water” is probably a reference to ocean and clouds, since Moses probably saw the clouds as full of water as described in the Flood account. The emphasis is on the creation of a good land. And since we are not sea creatures or flying creatures, the separation of water from water does not exactly benefit us. It is not that water and clouds and sky are bad; it is just that the writer seems to want to emphasize the land, probably foreshadowing the Promised Land.

  3. Just a few thoughts:

    Dr. Russell Humphreys – Christian AstroPhysicist has an interesting theory about the separation of waters below and above the expanse in his book Starlight and Time. His theory is that everything was created out of the water. The water below became earth (through serious fusion reactions based on the gravitational mass of the water) And the water above became all other mass – if I remember correctly. Some peer reviewed scientific articles with of criticism and response to Humphreys’ theories can be found at:

    Although – Todd’s interpretation could be very correct. Humphreys relies on 2 Peter 3:5 which states: “it escapes their notice that by the word of God the heavens existed long ago and the earth was formed out of water and by water.” (NASB) Although the interepretation there could be disputed it may provide interesting ideas on the physics involved in the creation.

    I would recommend Starlight and Time to anyone interested in exploring the physics of creation, time, light and gravity in our universe.

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