Latest from the Pulpit Supply

As of now, I am still filling the pulpit at Kailua Baptist Church on the east side of Oahu.  We like them, and they like us.  They seem to like my preaching, which is encouraging because I have simply tried to be faithful to the text of Scripture.  By all accounts, most, if not all, want me to be considered for the permanent pastor position.  That is why right now no one wants to call me “interim,” because that usually disqualifies you from the permanent position.  And as long as everyone there wants God’s Word to lead them, then I am happy to be considered as a permanent candidate.

Natalie loves the people there as well.  She has quickly become good friends with one of the deacons’ wives, and is at a ladies’ retreat today. She has become a great cook at home! She would just ask you to pray that God would grant her a job in the immediate future. 

We had an awesome month with Gracie.  She went home last weekend.  All I can say is it is amazing how God preserved our relationships.  She enjoys being with us as much as she enjoys being with her other family on the Big Island.  God just has to become more important to her for her to make the decision to live with us.

All in all, God is gracious to us.  I still can’t believe I got to start preaching from the second Sunday I stepped off the plane!


3 responses to “Latest from the Pulpit Supply

  1. i’m happy for you my brother! i will pray that natalie finds a job sooon. it’s true what you said about Grace. and it may take a long time for her feel that God is more important to make a big decision like that. look how long it is taking me to move church! haha….

  2. I’m really excited for you and Natalie. It’s so great to see God providing for you and Kailua Baptist Church at the same time. I wish I could hear the messages – are they available anywhere?

    • Actually, this blog is about the best you can do. I try to put my basic outlines on here. The church does not really keep up with its website. And there are no sermons available on there.

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